Star Wars: What Can We Learn?

I haven’t been shy in discussing how Star Wars has changed film marketing forever and is definitely one of the most powerful film franchises of all time, still holding that title to date.

With a date dedicated to themselves; May the 4th – ‘May the 4th be with you’ – Star Wars has taken over the world, a day dedicated to them; in the form of ‘Force Friday’, it’s own religion; Jedi Faith and their own official brand and logo. We cannot deny the immense success of Star Wars.

I will go over a few things we can learn from Star Wars and their marketing campaigns:

  • We should provide content in which will answer your audiences questions and queries. The franchise has done this through their multi-platform features, including their books and TV series. Give your fans what they want!
  • Reuse previous content, if you have a good story (an alliance attempting and achieving when destroying a Death Star) then reuse this in separate context!
  • Be loyal to your brand. No need for more explanation.
  • Social media is there…use it! Social media can either make or break a film and its marketing, its important to be careful with things that are revealed but don’t shy away!
  • Transmedia in general. Star Wars lusts over its use of transmedia, being able to tell their story and aspects of their story over several platforms and it works!
  • Holidays are key events. Christmas is the primetime for selling toys and merchandise, so use it!
  • Old things still create excitement! Nostalgia is of vast importance in Star Wars, it’s been a major part of its success.

These are all strategies in which can be used in order for success to be achieved through marketing campaigns. Star Wars has achieved all of these within its 8 films and will continue to do so through the rest. Disney have only helped Star Wars and lets hope it’s only going to get better!

May the force be with you.


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